.:about me:.

Gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, Paleo diet, macrobiotic diet, raw diet, green smoothies diet, the list can go on.  I found myself here because I, like many other women, have struggled not only with my weight but also with feeling balanced – both physically and emotionally.  For a couple of years I felt as though I couldn’t get a grip on what foods were “healthy” and what weren’t.  With assistance from a nutritionist I was able to find my center so to speak. I have combined that knowledge with a passion and a love for all things cooking and baking.  I have found that foods that contain a lower glycemic index are easier for me to digest and don’t encourage a spike in my mood.  I stay away from foods with an endless list of ingredients, genetically modified foods, and foods with chemical preservatives.  So therefore I created alternatives for myself and hopefully for others as well.

**just to note, all photos are taken by me, or by frank, my amazingly talented photographer fiancé.

:: lindsey ::

24 thoughts on “.:about me:.

  1. I stumbled on your page to say thank you for following mine but then got a bit lost scrolling through your archives! I really like your archives and very much identify with what you have gone through. Glad you came out in the other side. Not sure I have yet but I certainly try to cook and bake with real ingredients and make the occasional treats fit into an otherwise healthy lifestyle while also being enjoyed to the max!

  2. Thanks for following my blog! I’m totally smitten with your photos and knew immediately that we were on the same wavelength when I saw your “blogs i ❤ section." Looking forward to what's next!

  3. Thank you for following my blog 🙂 I just had a quick look arround yours and I found it really promising! I like it a lot. I’m sure I have a lot to discover in it, and I am willing to do it. I’m totally following you back.

  4. Hi Lindsey! I want to just say: same, same, me too! Came here to say thanks for checking out my little spot, and I’m loving everything I see. Probably going to have to go home tonight and drizzle some basil oil over something…on this wet, in-between seasons kind of NY day…
    🙂 Loryn

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog so that I could discover your lovely blog here!
    I am not a vegan but do eat, cook & bake vegan 5x/week & so does my husband! 🙂

    • the feeling is quite mutual! I can’t wait to make your vegan cream cheese. i just made vegan ricotta cheese with cashews. so i’m looking forward to dabbling a bit more with nut-based cheeses.

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