dollyandoatmeal is migrating!

dollyandoatmeal will continue to be the same blog you’ve come to know, it will just look a little different.  i know for us wordpress people, our Reader keeps us up-to-date and checked-in with the blogs we follow.  since i will not be on wordpress any longer you If you would still like to be notified of posts without checking the site all the time, as I know I do with other blogs, please sign up here to get email notifications.  if not, then i can still be located at  also, you can find dollyandoatmeal on bloglovin’.  it’s a really easy way to keep up with all the blogs you love (think of it as a ‘Reader’ but for all blogs and websites).

thank you wordpress peeps!

xo – lindsey


4 thoughts on “dollyandoatmeal is migrating!

    • i know, it’s kind of sad. i just wanted to make some aesthetic changes really. i know, sounds superficial, but wordpress wouldn’t really allow me to do what i wanted. i’ll still be able to follow all of you on my Reader, so i guess not much will change : )

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