getting closer

photo 3

this past thursday night, frank and his fellow co-workers at the Impossible Project , were featured in an Impossible staff show.  some their awesome photos are below.  for those of you not aware, the Impossible Project is a company that is slowly but surely re-introducing the world to instant film, i.e. Polaroid film.  as you can see from the the images below, the film produces a really great vintage-y picture.  but anyone out there who still owns a Polaroid camera should give the film a shot (no pun intended).

photo 2photo 1

photo 1

in other news, me and frank are in the midst of the pre-wedding craze.  on saturday we had a cake tasting at babycakes in the city.  we got to taste some pretty amazing things including a chocolate cupcake, a vanilla cupcake, a mocha frosting brownie cupcake (which was the most amazing thing i’ve tasted in a long while!), two different doughnuts, and a chocolate chip cookie sandwich.  whew, i hadn’t had that many sweets in a long time. if you’re ever able to sample the gluten free and vegan goodies from babycakes please do so, i highly recommend them.

1photo 5

photo 3

some pretty sprouts at the farmer’s market.

photo 4

photo 1photo 4

photo 3

this is dry dock, our local wine and spirits store.  this past wednesday they returned to their original storefront that had gotten damaged during hurricane sandy back in october.  we’re super happy to seem them back!

photo 2


17 thoughts on “getting closer

  1. I’m enjoying all of the blogs & photos. Babycakes sounds like a yummy place to be on a Saturday. Hope all is going well.

  2. Really pretty! Cool photos. What market do you go to. I was at the very end of wedding planning this week last year. Our first wedding anniversary is a week from today. Enjoy this time, even though you’ll be relieved when it’s done, it’s very special and lots of fun!

    • thank you! i usually go to a market here in brooklyn. but we were in the city so we went to the union square green market. wow, congrats! we are trying to enjoy this crazy time as much as we can 🙂

  3. I totally love babycakes. It’s such a pity that I live across the ocean. Wonderful photos as always. I like the style and you know why? It’s special – every picture tells a story. I’m so tiered of these super perfect photoshop pics. so great job!

  4. I’ve never shot Impossible Film myself (I’d feel very guilty buying it because I have no job) but my camera club friends love it. I especially love it when the film is defective and the pictures come out with strange white patterns. Does Frank work for the Impossible Project? That’s seriously so cool! You guys need to come to Seattle and shoot with my group. I’m as amateur as it gets but they have so much analogue love.

    • Yea, Frank has worked there since they opened the US store. The film is super expensive, but its definitely worth it (I’m supposed to say this because he works for the company, haha). Seattle is totally on our list! I think after this summer we will plan a west coast trip. I miss it out there. If you’ve ever visited the Impossible Project blog, Frank goes by “Dr. Love”. He’s got a bunch of posts about all sorts of things.

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